Our Team

BringITon has been created and designed by a dedicated team of professionals eager to engage young women with Canada's ever-expanding Advanced Technology Sectors.

Meet our Team:


John Reid - CEO CATA and Executive Sponsor CATA WIT Innovation as Nation Platform Program

Joanne Stanley - Executive Director and Co-Founder CATA WIT Forum

Dr. Cindy Gordon - Chair, CATA WIT National Advisory Council, BringITon Program Visionary and Strategy Executive

Lynda Partner - VP Social Networking and Operations Executive

Susan Riekki-Odle - VP Sponsorship, CATA WIT National Forum

Carol Martin - VP Marketing, CATA WIT Forum

Alice Debroy - Webmaster and Operations Manager, CATA WIT Forum

Emily Boucher - Communications Manager, CATA WIT Forum

This team is also supported by CATA WIT a national organization whose vision is to support, attract and develop talented women in the Advanced Technology Sector. This organization primarily supports women that have graduated. See more information on CATAWIT. 

The BringITon program is targeted to support women 16-25 and to help mentor younger women striving to develop a career in the Advanced Technology Sector.

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